Dual dumpster overflow prompts code enforcement inspection

(CHATHAM COUNTY) Code enforcement inspectors with Chatham County are set to investigate a hotel with overflowing garbage dumpsters near the intersection of Route 204 and the I-95 interchange near Savannah. The trash piled up around the pair of dumpsters includes nearly a dozen discarded mattresses and box springs. The festering eyesore is located behind the Rodeway Inn on Fort Argyle Road.

Workers with a neighboring business say the trash pile is not recent. They say the dumpsters have been overflowing for at least three weeks, maybe longer. The bedding was placed there about a week ago. News 3 shared photos of this trash pile with the Chatham County Department of Building Safety and Regulatory Services. Jerris Bryant, the operations coordinator, says it’s not supposed to look like this. “We will send inspectors to this site to check it out tomorrow.” Bryant said.

Neal Patel, owner of the hotel says he’s been trying to get his garbage company to pick up for weeks, ” I have called them and called them. I would be very happy if they came to pick up today or tomorrow.” said Patel. But Patel says pick up of the dumpsters is scheduled for March 27, 2017. Right now, it appears garbage will remain one more week before it’s cleaned up, but county code enforcement inspectors will visit the site a lot sooner than that.
News 3 will continue to follow developments.

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