Proposed Budget Cuts Could Affect Thousands Relying on Meals on Wheels Program

Savannah — WSAV

There are thousands of families across our area who depend on the Meals on Wheels Program.  But, if President Trump’s cuts are approved, some people could find it difficult to get a hot meal.

Savannah’s Senior Citizens Inc., delivers delicious, nutritious meals to families every day.  Federal funding accounts for 35 percent of the Meals on Wheels budget.  If that money is cut, that would eliminate 44-thousand meals in our community alone. Residents like Lois Bangs say she depends on these meals everyday.

“I’ve worked all my life.  I’ve paid my taxes and when I had a bad illness that wiped me out, you know, we don’t have very much to fall back on,” says Bangs.

“One out of six older Americans don’t know where there next meal is coming from, so we’re not doing an adequate job now, but with this kind of cut, it’s tremendous,” says Patty Lyons, President of Senior Citizens, Inc.

2.4 million older Americans, including 500-thousand veterans are served by the Meals on Wheels Program every year.




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