UPDATE: “Operation Lucky Charms” Cracks Down on DUI and Drugs


In the three day operation, Port Wentworth Police handed out 660 citations and made 109 arrests.

Of those arrests, 40 were for DUI and 37 for drug-related charges.


Savannah may be “ground zero” for the St Patrick’s celebrations, but Port Wentworth Police is making sure the partiers coming through their city obey the law.

For the 8th year, Port Wentworth Police will be on extra patrol for “Operation Lucky Charms”.

In the past three years alone, 330 people were arrested. More than 150 of those for drug related charges, another 120 for DUI.

Last year’s crackdown results in a 117 arrests, 45 of those for DUI.

According to officers its about people who don’t want to follow the rules, and take the

Just some of the seized items from 2016 Operation Lucky Charms

partying too seriously without realizing the consequences.

“The impaired drivers are our number one priority when it comes to Operations Lucky Charms,” said Sgt Nathan Jentzen, Port Wentworth Police Traffic Supervisor. “St Patrick’s Day is a big drinking holiday for people. We want them to go out and have a good time and have fun but we want to make sure they can go to safely.”

Port Wentworth officers will be doing traffic stops and road checks all weekend long.

Police also remind folks about “Tow 2 Go”, ‘Uber” or just getting a designated driver to get them home safe, before police have to get involved.

They are hoping to get “lucky” and this year’s arrest number will be “zero”.

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