FUGITIVE FILES ARREST: Man Who Opened Fire on Car in the Street

Jason Bryant is charged with aggravated assault

Jason Bryant was booked into the Chatham County Jail on March 17


Jason Bryant is wanted for aggravated assault.

Savannah investigators say its a crime that started with a fight over money between Bryant and his landlord.

“They communicated through text messages and over the phone,” said SCMPD Detective Ray Mercer. “The landlord went to the suspect’s parents house, they actually ran into each other, had another verbal altercation.”

But quickly the talking turned violent.

“She was actually behind him in traffic,” said Mercer. “He gets out of his car and fires three rounds into her windshield.”

Luckily the shots didn’t penetrate the glass.
But the 5’11” 240 lb Bryant was able to get away in the chaos.

Savannah Police say he may have gone all the way to Eldora Cemetery road in Bulloch County.

He could also be near the area of Big Cyprus road in Chatham County.

jason-bryant2 jason-bryant3jason-bryant

“How dangerous is he?”
“He fired into someone’s vehicle on the driver’s sise of the vehicle two or three time,” said the Detective. “I consider him to be pretty dangerous.”

If you can help find Jason Bryant – call Savannah-Chatham Metro Police or Crimestoppers right away at (912) 234-2020.

Remember all calls are anonymous, and if yours leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

You can send an anonymous tip through the Savannah Crimestoppers website: http://savannahcrimestoppers.org/savannah
just click on the Report Anonymously link.

All information provided to CrimeStoppers is ANONYMOUS and can be reported 24/7.

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