City Alderman addresses images showing him intoxicated on St. Patrick’s Day

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – A city of Savannah alderman is facing backlash surrounding his celebrations over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Images of Alderman Tony Thomas circulated over Friday afternoon showing the elected official in what appears to be an intoxicated state. We decided to reach out to the public leader to explain to his voters about what happened.

It’s nothing new for parade and festival goers to have a few drinks, but when it’s a city official that raises some concerns.

“I mean the pictures that I saw that are being exploited on a certain hate site in town in them yes I was intoxicated,” says Thomas.

Once they hit social media page, it created a fire storm with the pictures being shared hundreds of times and drawing heavy criticism.

“If I have a regret it’s that to my supporters that may be offended or disapprove of that, I do apologize to them,” the Alderman adds.

Thomas adds many of the comments were from people who, he say, do not like him and want to hurt his reputation.

“I was participating as an individual in what I saw hundreds of thousands of other people doing all weekend long.”

Having a few too many though has several asking the city to do something about it. Commenters took to the page demanding charges for “conduct unbecoming” or censuring the councilman. The fact is, nothing in the city’s code of ethics talks about this type of behavior or how to deal with it. There are powers of censuring and reprimand, however, city hall remains quiet on the controversy.

It would take a petition to the state to ask for a reelection. The issue people raise is was he drinking before the parade? While he was participating as a city leader.

“For every year that I’ve been on the city council, there have been aldermen and mayors that have participated in those different parties, and I know that they consumed as well. So I mean, I know I had a couple of drinks before the parade.”

He admits it was a mistake, adding that he’ll try to be more in control in the years to come.

“I’ll just try to not do it again next year, but you know I’m gonna go and have a good time.”

It is important to note Thomas was not disorderly during the event. According to him, he was sitting in the lobby and his drink spilled. He then tried to clean it up, but slipped, that’s when the gentleman came to help him back to his feet.

Thomas did not drive nor was charged for breaking any type of local or state laws.

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