The Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Land Rush


It’s a Savannah St. Patrick’s Day tradition—

A lot of people camp out in order to stake out their spot to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

News 3’s Courtney Cole was there as parade-goers rushed to grab their piece of land before the sun came up!

“The rush of grabbing the land at 6:00 o’clock when they blow that whistle, and everybody jumps the fence and tosses down the chairs—it’s a rush we look forward to all year round!” said Trey Parrish.

But for Parrish, there’s a lot of preparation before they even step foot into Lafayette Square on St. Patrick’s Day morning.

“Preparation started about a month ago. We’re one of the crazy families! We camp out 48 hours before the parade every year,” Parrish told News 3.

And while that might seem a bit extreme…Mike Powers told us getting to Lafayette Square early to get a good spot is a pretty big deal for him and his family, too!

“We got here last night at 10:00 o’clock and set-up and have been here throughout the evening and into the early morning,” said Powers.

But you better believe they both came prepared! Powers and his friends and family were cooking their way through the morning…

“There’s about 15-20 families that come out. We’ve now set-up a breakfast bar…We’ve got sausage-egg burritos, and some green peppers and onions,” Powers said.

And staying warm with their newest addition this year…a heat lamp! While Parrish and his family shared laughs and layered up to stay warm.

“We camp out, we set-up our canopies, we bring out chairs, the children get the front row, the adults get the back,” Parrish said.

Because Parrish and Powers can both agree, although it’s fun for them, it’s really all about the kids.

“So we’ve got to come out here and brave the cold and the elements and have some fun at the same time,” Powers said.

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