St. Patrick’s Day 2017 begins with annual “Land Grab”

St. Patrick’s Day is finally here! Although the parade doesn’t start until 10:15 this morning, preparation for parade-goers starts a whole lot earlier.

Despite the cold temperatures there’s a lot more people at Lafayette Square than expected! After you consider that the parade is set to be about 4 hours long, coming out before the crack-of-dawn to stake out a good spot seems that much more important.

Now if you’re not down here yet to claim your spot, here’s a few things you’ll want to know.

First of all, bundle up!

The actual “Land Rush” began at 6 a.m. There will be an actual countdown and people will rush to start nailing those tents down and everything.

There are certain things you can and can not bring. Approved items include:



Lawn chairs

10 x 10 foot tents

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