Local military take the day to enjoy Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – On a day like St. Patty’s, a few men and women trade their camo for a little brighter green.

“It is extremely nice to have the day off and be able to enjoy it with my beautiful fiancé and some of my close ranger buddies,” said Michael Benites, an Apache pilot at Hunter Army Airfield.

Michael Benites has lived in Savannah for three years, and this is his first St. Patrick’s parade home.

“I had 11 combat deployments, I can’t tell you how many training deployments, too many to count,” he said.

“It’s awesome for him to finally have a day off and to be in the states,” said his fiancé, Anna Kamiski.

With a month of training at the National Training Center coming up this week…

“We’re going out for about a month to do some training, get some good stuff done with the army,” said Josh Nutter, an Apache pilot at Hunter.

That’s why he’s happy to really switch up the uniform for a day…

“These are my old boots, and they broke,” Nutter said, “They’re still super comfy so I still wear them, so I figured I would wear them today and my kilt.”

Robert Waters is a Blackhawk pilot at Hunter. “We work a lot so when you have a day off like this it’s nice to enjoy the beautiful Savannah weather, it’s finally warming up” he said, “My mom my girlfriend and a bunch of other soldiers here at Hunter, got a few friends marching in the parade.”

Waters’ mom even came from Newnan, Georgia to join him on his day off.

“His friends love him, his soldiers love him, and he’s just an all around great guy,” she said, “It’s a great family day.”

“What other country can you come out at 3:30 in the morning start drinking and enjoy festivities, great food, great friends, great family,” said Waters,  “There’s no better place.”

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