BC Cadets and local soldiers rack up kisses during St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Savannah (WSAV) – “Kiss me  I’m Irish!”  That’s a popular St. Patrick’s Day slogan.
You see it on t-shirts, hats and all kinds of merchandise. But for the Cadets from Benedictine Military Academy and members of the military, no t-shirt needed.
Kissing the Cadets  is a long standing parade tradition.
WSAV photojournalist Art Ottimo shows us more through the lens of his camera.

What are you guys looking for?
We don’t know.
You don’t know?
We got our friends.
It’s a tradition for me.
I’ve been doing it since I was little.
You’ve been going to the parade for a long time?
I’ve never missed one since I was born.
It’s a tradition like I don’t know for Savannah, everyone.
Today was in memory of my father in law Tom Mahoney who just died 6 weeks ago, but this was my third boy to be a senior at BC.
My husband went to BC, his father went to BC.
Kissing the boys in the parade is our favorite thing… our favorite part of the day.

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