Armstrong State Univ. marches in its last Saint Pat’s parade

SAVANNAH, Ga. – While Saint Patrick’s Day brings about copious amounts of smile, laughter, and maybe a pint of two, for many in Savannah the day served as a bittersweet milestone.

“Today being the last day Armstrong gets to walk in this parade as Armstrong State University,” Sophomore Rhonda Rouesch said.

Earlier this year, it was announced Georgia Southern University would absorb Armstrong State University and become a combined school.

The new campus in Savannah is set to be renamed Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus.

On Friday students, alumnae, faculty and families of the Armstrong community marched through the streets of Savannah for the final time in the annual St. Patrick’s Day as a formal Armstrong State University entity.

“Knowing it’s the last time you might read Armstrong across our back or Stay Strong so the next time we come we can come with our brothers and sisters with Georgia Southern and still have a grand party here in Savannah,” President of Armstrong’s Alumni Board of Directors Somi Benson-Jaja said.

While members of the Armstrong community are split on the pending merger, others wanted Saint Patrick’s Day to be a positive memory for the legacy of the school.

“{We are} just making sure were loud and proud and everybody doesn’t forget us,” Armstrong’s Associate Coordinator for Student Life Allison Lyons said.

The school is set to set sail with the Pirate Ship float again as Armstrong for the Savannah Veteran’s Day parade.

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