Police to target underage and excessive drinkers this weekend

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Local, state and federal agencies will be casing areas like City Market for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Efforts they’ll use to help keep all of you safer.

“Everybody is on high alert including ourselves,” Major DeVonn Adams, with Savannah-Chatham Metro, said at Thursday’s press conference. “Again, if you see anything out of the ordinary say something. Contact a police officer; say something to someone so we can investigate it. We will be on high alert as well.”

This year Metro’s main focus is on food trucks, underage drinkers and those who drink a little too much.

“My Alcohol Beverage and Compliance unit is partnering this year with Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco Division,” Adams said. “They will be out making sure that food trucks that’s new to the St. Patrick’s Day festival this year that they’re not selling alcohol.”

“That’s why we’re focusing so much on the overconsumption of alcohol that can sometimes lead to people doing things that they shouldn’t and also can get to the point where you don’t really realize your surroundings,” Adams said.

That’s why they want you to drink at your own pace and have a plan.

“We’re encouraging everybody to prepare before they come downtown,” Major Robert Gavin, who’s also with Metro, said. “We want to make sure that you know how you’re going to get here and how you’re going to get home.”

Police have one more request when you’re searching for a place to park.

“We’re asking people to just take a look around when they go to park,” Gavin said. “The signs that we’re using are larger and very clear about what days there’s no parking and where they’re at.”

Police will be wearing bright yellow vests Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, if you see anything out of the ordinary or need help they’re easy to spot.

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