Family reacts to new charges added for teen indicted in killing mother of two

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – The teen charged with killing a woman on Mother’s Day weekend has been indicted on new offenses.

Kathy Henry’s family was grieving instead of celebrating on Mother’s Day last May.

“We have to put our faith in the police department that they’re going to do their job, they’re going to do it diligently and they’re going to bring her murderer to justice,” said Henry’s former husband Richard Schmidt that day following her murder.

Weeks after Henry was shot and killed on 54th and Ash Street, Metro police arrested and charged  Laquan Jivens for the killing. The DA has now added new charges to his indictment.

“We’re hoping for a conviction, but a conviction won’t bring her back, but we understand that we will be able to heal a little bit and be able to be more at peace knowing that her murderer is not walking the streets of Savannah,” Schmidt said Thursday following the latest indictment.

Jivens was 16 years-old at the time of the shooting. The DA’s office has added armed battery, robbery and several possession of a firearm charges to his indictment. These relate back to a robbery the office claims Jivens was involved in days before Henry’s murder.

“We try not to dwell on her death, we know she’s in heaven and we know she’s smiling down on the great things her children are doing,” Schmidt says.

It has been a long and tiring process for both families waiting for an official trial date nearly one year since the shooting. Henry’s family is confident these new charges can get them closer to that day in court.

“They haven’t explained to me what the evidence is or to the family members, but they have told us that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to his guilt,” Schmidt says.

Jivens now faces a total of twelve counts from the State that include malice and felony murder as well as aggravated assault. Jivens will be in front of a judge again in mid April, however, for a hearing not open to the public. We will update this case as it moves through the courts.

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