Update: MCA Coach Robby Robinson resigns


McIntosh County School Superintendent Dr. John D. Barge has confirmed to NEWS 3 that MCA head football coach Robby Robinson resigned Monday night.

Darien (WSAV) -“Something should be done about it,” Clay Moran, the father of a McIntosh student, said. “It could’ve been one of their kids and they wouldn’t want that to happen to one of their kids.”

Moran is talking about what parents have said after they learned McIntosh County’s head football coach Robby Robinson allegedly allowed hazing on his team.

“That kind of activity shouldn’t be tolerated and as far as the coach keeping his job I’m not wanting anyone to lose their job about it, but they need to do some kind of discipline to it,” Moran said.

Robinson was suspended by the district’s superintendent, Dr. John Barge last Thursday after his indictment.

Robinson faces felony cruelty to children charges as well as misdemeanor hazing and reckless conduct.

Monday night the board voted for him to remain on a 10-day suspension, and then put him on administrative leave.

“Because he is under a contract he has certain rights that are guaranteed to him by law and so if there is a move to terminate or a move to place him on administrative leave beyond that invokes what is called a 9-40 hearing and so he has to be given a fair dismissal hearing,” Barge said.

In the meantime, Barge would like to steer away from this mess and focus on the student’s education

“We’ve got things that have to be turned into the state, we’ve got performance targets that we have to meet, we have to focus our attention back on the students and not the actions of adults,” Barge said.

But when asked what do you say when those adults actions effect the students Barge said they take them seriously.

“My job is to ensure the safety of students and that they are given the best education that we can provide for them and I’m going to make sure we do what we can do to hold adults accountable for that,” Barge said.

This is the first time Barge has dealt with an incident like this, but he said he promises to do right by his students.

“As long as I’m here if that’s not happening I will hold those folks accountable,” Barge said.

The high school’s principal, Barry Lollis, was also on suspension relating to this investigation, but the board re-voted and decided he would remain with the district.

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