Presidents of Georgia Southern and Armstrong talk benefits of merger

It’s a proposed merger of two educational Institutions that isn’t making all students happy. But Armstrong State University President Dr. Linda Bleicken and Georgia Southern President Dr. Jamie L.Hebert say ultimately it will be good for the communities. .

That’s because it’s expected more offerings can be made. “”So it”s a greater variety of academic programs and it’s a pooling of resources as well so that we can invest in new programs where before we may not have had the capitol to do so,” says Dr. Hebert.

It’s expected that more offerings will also mean most faculty at Armstrong keep their positions. “Because the expectation is that the new campus will probably enlarge in size and actually create more opportunities rather than less,” said Dr. Bleicken.

The meerger is expected to create a combined student population of 28,000. “We know that it’s a difficult emotional process that we’re going through but why are we going through it ? What are the advantages,” says Hebert.

He told us it will make the new Georgia Southern a “greater player economically in the state of Georgia. Hebert says it assures a better trained workforce for one thing. “And when this merger is complete, there will be an economic impact of over $1 Billion.”

Programs at Armstrong will be offered through 2022, roviding current students opportunities to graduate. And they’ll continue to see a familiar name here. Dr. Linda Bleicken says the Armstrong alumni were instrumental in making sure Armstrong did not dissappear. “So the new name will be Georgia Southern University – Armstrong campus,” she said. “So Armstrong and tje Armstrong name will be forever associated with our campus.”

Hebert also pointed out that there will be a third campus in Hinesville which he referred to as “Liberty Campus” (for Liberty County.)

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