Beaufort County Sheriff Explains Controversial Task Force

287 G.

That’s the program that has many folks in up in arms and worried about they future not just in Beaufort County, but in the whole country.

But Sheriff PJ Tanner wanted everyone to hear from his mouth why its valuable, and what it “wont” do.

“We do not have anything to do with deportation, not at all,” said Sheriff PJ Tanner.

That’s the important message Sheriff Tanner wanted to get out.

287 G, a program that was already in place from 2007 to 2013, is about connecting to homeland security and investigating criminals and immigration.

“It allows us to thoroughly vet the person that we are looking at regardless of what crime it is,” said Tanner.
“Why wouldn’t i go out and look for for federal tools or state tools or any tools that would make this community safer. That’s my job and that’s what i will continue to do.”

Tanner says when implemented the first time from 2007 to 2013, 287 G was an extension of the immigration office in Charleston. Deputies and investigators working with them, working for the safety of the people.

Protestors in Beaufort County believe 287G is against immigrants

“(The first time 287 G was in place) citizens were coming up to me asking me to do a job i had no jurisdiction of doing,” said the Sheriff. “I kept having to tell those citizens I don’t have the authority. I cant help you there, I can put you in touch with these people or those people. and that is not fair to the citizens of Beaufort County.”

“If you’ve committed an armed robbery, if you’ve committed a shoplifting or whatever that case is,” explains Tanner. “If you’ve committed a crime, i don’t know how i can make you feel comfortable about that.”

And that includes the law abiding citizens and legal immigrants. Both of whom will not be targeted by Sheriff’s deputies under this program according to Tanner..

“This is a tool for law enforcement and it will be used as a law enforcement tool, the policies and procedures of my office are very very strict, we are nationally accredited, we do things the right way and we will continue to do things the right way,” explained the Sheriff.

“I know what it did in the past and i would not be asking for an enforcement tool that had harm against a community that i serve and have served for 36 years.”

Sheriff Tanner did receive something other than questions at the newser. He was given 100 letters expressed their worry or problems with 287 G and any local immigration task force.

Tanner says he will read those letters and appreciates their feedback, but right now he still plans to ask for the Federal money to reinstitute the task force.

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