Coach Robinson to remain suspended

MCINTOSH COUNTY – A Georgia football coach remains on suspension until March 22nd after the McIntosh County school board’s decision tonight.

The school board made that decision in a closed session during the meeting on McIntosh’s head football coach Robbie Robinson.

Robinson was indicted Thursday after a player stepped forward and said there had been hazing on the football team.I spoke with Superintendent John Barge afterwards who says once he’s off suspension he will be put on administrative leave which was decided by the board. The board also says they will consider Robinson’s resignation if he decides to do so. When asked how the board came to this decision the Superintendent says because of the legality of the situation.

“Well again there are attorney’s involved on both sides of this and so I can’t really get into that,” Barge said. “I’m sorry.”

The high school’s Principal Barry Lollis was also on suspension; but tonight the board rescinded their vote from last week and he is still with the district. Any further decisions on Robinson’s future will be made at the next board meeting in April.

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