Big Winter Storm Preps

A massive winter storm is targeting the east coast tonight.

After record warm temperatures across the region, there is a dramatic shift in conditions taking place.  Strong winds and heavy snow expected.  Some spots could get more than a foot of snow.

In the Midwest, snowflakes have been falling.  Flights have been cancelled.  Roads and sidewalks are a mess.  Even walking the dog is difficult.  And it’s expected to get much worse.

More than 19-million are now in the path of what’s expected to be a crippling Nor’easter.

Schools will be closed.  Subway and bus service will be limited.

Twelve to 24 inches of snow is expected from New York through Maine, and winds could be stronger than 50 mph.  So many families are rushing to gather supplies while they can.

In New York, a blizzard warning goes into effect at midnight.  There are 16-hundred snow plows staged and ready to go.

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