Southside Fire & EMS’s PulsePoint App is saving lives and it’s FREE

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – There’s a new call for doctors, nurses, first responders & folks who know CPR to download the PulsePoint App! It lets you know if someone is in cardiac arrest within four blocks so you can start CPR until EMS arrives.

The PulsePoint uses geo-coding to show you right where the person is and if there’s an AED nearby, it will even show you a picture of the AED.

It’s available for free on iTunes or in the Google Play Store. You can also see all of the 911 EMS calls processed through Southside’s call center (personal information removed). There’s even a CPR tutorial and compression counter.

Southside is also offering free Compression Only CPR classes for community groups, churches, businesses, etc. To request a class visit and click on the Contact Us tab at the bottom of the page or call 912-354-1011.

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