Jacob G. Smith Elementary parent fed up with school administration

SAVANNAH, Ga. – One parent at one of Savannah’s most well recognized elementary schools says she’s “frustrated” and “anxious” about her sons’ treatment at school.

Danielle Edwards says her sons, Jordan Childers and Kaiden Edwards, have been mistreated for years by peers at Jacob G. Smith Elementary School.

Incidents stem from her son being injured at school and her not finding out about it until he told her.

“I took him to the emergency room that night and they ended up, they thought his symptoms that he probably suffered a mild concussion,” she said.

Shocked she confronted his teacher.

“Who falls asleep in art class? Did you ask him, are you asleep? Are you okay? And her response was, “No,” Edwards said.

Back in January she requested Jordan be removed from his class after she says his teacher inappropriately grabbed his shoulders of our “frustration.”

WSAV spoke to the Savannah Chatham County Public School System and was told that touching by a teacher is not permitted.

“Teachers are not supposed to put their hands on a child at all unless it is a case of restraining a child to prevent them from hurting themselves and others,” SCCPSS’s Public Information Manager Sheila Blanco said.

But for Edwards, it was the last straw.

“You never know that one time you don’t ask or you don’t follow up when a kid says they’re hurt it could end in something tragic,” Edwards said.

Through email correspondences shared with WSAV, Edwards says she continuously hit a brick wall trying to request accountability with her sons’ teachers and the higher administration.

“If I can’t send my child to a secure safe school environment and not be worried then that kinda defeats the purpose,” Edwards said.

SCCPSS said that if a teacher is accused of an allegation, an investigation would begin as soon as the administration is informed. Blanco told WSAV that if parents experience a problem with their teachers to immediately inform the principal, campus police, or school administration.


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