Weather Wise Kids: What do clouds do for the earth?

Clouds bring rain to the earth... and help moderate surface temperatures.

Question: “hi my name is Reese and i’m a 3rd grader at West Point Elementary School. My question is what do the clouds do for the earth?”




Reese… clouds are very important to earth.


They can bring you a rainy day…  a stormy day…  and even a sunny day.


A cloud is a large collection of very tiny water droplets or ice crystals.


They are so small and light that they can float in the air.


About half of the globe is covered with clouds.


And every cloud is part of the very important water cycle… this is when water from the ocean goes up in the air…  lifts, cools and condenses…  and then it falls back down to the surface.


So some clouds make rain and snow…  and this brings water back to the ground.


Clouds also help determine how warm it will get and how cold it will get…  a thick, white cloud will block the sun…  a thin, wispy one will let sunlight through.


During the day, clouds can block the sun…  keeping things cooler.


During the night, clouds can trap the warm air from the day…  and we stay warmer at night.  this is when clouds act kind of like a blanket.


So depending on the time of day, clouds can both warm and cool the earth.


For Storm Team 3, i’m meteorologist Lee Haywood.

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