New 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Grand Marshal Presented To The City


Savannah — WSAV


History was made Sunday in Savannah when the 2017 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal was presented to the public.  Dennis Counihan will lead the 193rd parade this year.  We’ve told you his story, and today he made it clear he wanted dozens of stories from Irish families to be told.

He elected more than 40 men as aides from now until the parade kicks off.  Mostly a handful join the Grand Marshal in the event, but this year, he chose to recognize all of these men for their support and efforts in the community.

“I thought rather than it be all about me, and it’s not, it’s about us, as family and friends and community, so we did it, first time ever no ones ever had 48,” says Dennis Counihan, the new 2017 Grand Marshal.

The St. Patrick’s Day Celebration is just 12 days away.





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