Savannah Clean up program launches year long fight of littering and blight

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) – The year-long fight to keep Savannah neighborhoods clean and reduce blight has kicked off.

The mayor’s push to end blight is one step closer this week with the state house passing the eminent domain bill. Saturday, however, it was about what city personnel and volunteers already do to clean up our city.

“It’s just sometimes we don’t take the time.”

They are taking the time to kick off the year-long push to reduce litter and blight around the city.

“We concentrate our time between March and October and we try to do two at least major clean ups per month and in between that we will do some smaller clean ups,” says Pauline Haywood who coordinates Operation Clean Sweep.

The city has launched its Operation Clean Sweep program to beautify and restore Savannah neighborhoods. The city had code enforcers, police and dozens of volunteers going street to street in the Poplar Place neighborhood cleaning and conversing with neighbors.

“Service, service is everything I feel like if you’re out helping the next person that’s ultimately what we’re here for,” says volunteer and Armstrong grad assistant Eric Jordan.

Dozens of Armstrong students took part in the clean  up but also beautifying Alpine park. Uptown, in Cloverdale, you have the Savannah Jaycees who are restoring the sidewalk along Stiles avenue.

“It’s kind of dangerous road so we want to make sure that there is a clear path they can walk safely to,” says chapter president Cynthia Wright.

“They” being the dozens of students who walk to Butler elementary. Clean Sweep dates back more than twelve years, each year the same, to set an example for neighbors by lending a helping hand.

“It really does take a community to help with your area so volunteer is the only thing I can really encourage everyone to do,” Wright says.

The clean up with prove fruitful Tuesday which is National walk to school day  and dozens of students will take Stiles Avenue to get to class. Later the in the week the city will host another clean up in the Windsor Forest High School.

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