Savannah Family Struggling To Move Forward After Losing Everything In Deadly House Fire

West Savannah — WSAV

On Thursday, the Philpot family returned to what’s left of their home on West 53rd Street.  Seven of them were asleep at the home early Saturday morning when flames broke out in the living room.  Everyone managed to escape, except their grandfather, 82 year old Ronnell Philpot and his grandson, 11 year old Bernard Gadson.  They were rushed to the Burn Center in Augusta.  Philpot died Monday.  Gadson survived.

“My grandfather was our everything.  He meant everything to all of us.  I grew up in the house, I was raised in this house, I was raising my children in this house, and it’s gone,” says Xeular Philpot, Gadson’s mother.

Philpot’s family is now staying in a hotel until they can figure out what to do next.  She has four sons, ages 21, 18, 16 and 11, and a 17 year old daughter.

The family needs clothing and is now looking for a new home.

There is a go fund me account set up for the family.  The link is included below.

If you’d like to donate clothing, you can reach the family at (912) 272-0133 or by email at


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