New reality show centers around Savannah baker

A local baker and her family are the basis of a new reality show that’s about to launch on national TV.

Ms. Polly is a retired postal worker who essentially turned baking cakes for her kids into a thriving business.

“We keep it simple,” said Ms. Polly, at her bakery called Ms. Polly’s Cake Giants on Ogeechee Road in Savannah. “We have not industrialized our recipes like a lot of the larger businesses do; we still do it the old-fashioned way.”

After opening seven years ago, her bakery has become a destination — especially for red velvet and sour cream pound cakes.

“Those were two cakes that we really grew up with in the house and we have just mastered it to the point where, I would put it on a competition anytime,” Ms. Polly said.

Now, she and her family will be competing for television ratings. The pilot episode of “Ms. Polly’s Cakes” will air Saturday afternoon on the Food Network and Monday night on the Cooking Channel.

“It was a metamorphosis,” said Ms. Polly about the filming. “It just turned our business inside out — everything from painting, cleaning, hanging lights, camera men all over the place. It gave me a new respect for the (TV) industry.”

The show will capture all the fun — and the drama — of a family-run business. Her four sons and her daughter are all involved.

“I think the attraction was the kids because I have all these sons who were like football players, bouncers at the club, and then all of a sudden on Saturdays I put an apron on them and they got mad skills,” Ms. Polly said.

Now, their skills will be on display for a national audience, which Ms. Polly hopes could bring more tourists to Savannah and the Cuyler Brownsville neighborhood.

“They spent over $30,000 just shooting the episode with my camera crew. So I felt real good that I’m bringing money into Savannah as well,” Ms. Polly said.

The TV show will give Ms. Polly a bigger platform, but it doesn’t change her mission: making good cakes and doing good for her community.

“It’s going to be a really good ride; it’s just going to be great. We’re going to enjoy doing this,” Ms. Polly said.

The bakery also has a Pooler location.

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