Traffic light monitoring a part of program to ease traffic at Skidaway, Victory

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Changes are coming to one of the city’s busiest intersections.

A partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation and the city hopes to help traffic flow better at Skidaway and Victory, but you won’t see traffic cones or work crews.

“It gives us a full-time babysitter for one of our busiest corridors in the city,” says Stephen Henry who is an administrator at the city’s traffic engineering department.

All hours of the day, the intersection of Victory drive at Skidaway road has its backups. GDOT now wants to find a solution testing out a new program for our area.

“I can’t describe how helpful it is to us, like I said we’re more reactive and now we’re able to be somewhat proactive,” says Henry.

Mike Disanza is a technician, he will now monitor the intersection. The program is the first outside of Atlanta where a technician records and actively changes traffic lights to reduce congestion during the work day.

“We’re kind of at the end of what we can build so lets see what we can do with the technology and improve the flow, that’s really what we are out here to do is to be able to improve this traffic flow,” says Disanza.

There’s nowhere to build and no stopping the more than thirty thousand cars that come through the intersection each day. Having Disanza manage the lights is not the end of the program either.

“We also have plans to install and configure what’s called a traffic responsive program, which will take that data and automatically change the traffic patterns according to the volume of traffic that is coming through,” Disanza adds.

So some work will happen with GDOT installing cameras to eventually monitor lights off site. For the time being, traffic engineers don’t expect the new program to cause any slow downs for drivers.

“It’ll be subtle changes, but overall it’ll be changes and improvements that drivers we hope will notice,”says Henry.

There is no end date set for the traffic testing. none of this is coming out of the city’s pocket. GDOT is employing the technician and seeing if it proves more cost effective than actual construction.

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