Parker’s Outstanding Student: Collins Sherrill

Savannah, GA – Benedictine Military Academy demands discipline and excellence from its Cadets but one senior stands above the rest. BC Senior Collins Sherrill incredible academic and athletic achievements combined with his years of community service made him the perfect candidate for Parker’s Outstanding Student for February.

“Collins is impressive being the star student here at BC. Being a leader in the ROTC, being an outstanding athlete and being a community leader. It’s pretty rarefied air he’s breathing. His parents have done a good job,” said Parker’s Founder Greg Parker.

Along with being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Junior ROTC, Collins collected outstanding scholarships for Science, Physics and Pre Calculus. He also won a Cross Country Regional Championship in 2016. All while completing years with community service programs like the Ronald McDonald Teen Board and The River of Life Church.

“If I’m always being productive. I just feel good about myself. You know I feel fine if I relax for a minute or two but I just feel good about myself when I’m being productive,” said Sherrill

The most important part of his time on BC’s campus aren’t the accomplishments that pack his application.
“All the personal relationships that I make here because all those guys will go out into Savannah. And then that’s just lots of relationships that I’ll have if I come back to Savannah,” said Sherrill.

“I”m going to miss him. And I do hope that he is the alum I think he’s going to be. I hope he stays with us,” said Benedictine’s Cross Country head coach Bill Curley.


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