Come through, Cam! Panthers quarterback spotted in Savannah

Photo Credit: Tami Law

Last weekend was full of celebrity sightings. First there was actor Norman Reedus- from the television series, ‘Walking Dead,’ and  comedian Dave Chappelle. Now pictures of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hanging out in Savannah are surfacing on social media.

Tami Law posted a picture to Facebook with the caption: “I LOVE Cam Newton!! On 2-25-17, not only was my BUCKET LIST Fulfilled, I GOT MY BUCKET TOO, WHEN I MET CAM NEWTON He is so humble and REAL! THANKS LDM DUMP TRUCKING!!”

According to Tami, Cam was in town for a family function over the weekend

Local photographer Desmond Duvall also posted a picture with the caption, “Big shout Out to Cam Newton for snapping a picture while looking at our Studio D&D Media Group in Savannah Ga.”

In case you didn’t know, Cam has a Savannah connection. His mother, Jackie (Wilder) Newton, is a graduate of Savannah High and Savannah State. His father, Cecil also attended the institution. He played football for the Tigers from 1979-83.

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