Dennis Counihan Named 2017 Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – In a sea of green, cheers, and some groans, Dennis Counihan is the 2017 Grand Marshal for the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade.

He does plan to do things a bit differently.

“I really never though it would happen. I never thought it would happen so I am very very pleased to do so,” says Counihan after shaking hands with many board and committee members.

It was not an easy victory for Counihan who is now the Grand Marshal for the 2017 Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

“It’s a record there’s never been that many men since 1988 when four men ran with my father,” says Counihan.

Counihan had to beat out five other prominent Savannah Irishman to take the title. His brother Brian having to be on the sidelines because he’s the chair of the committee.

“I couldn’t publicly support him of course, but I’m glad he won.”

Now he has all the support of the committee and previous grand marshals.

“It makes me feel great because he was one of my aides. He’s been a friend and his family has been a friend of the Foran family for generations and I’m just happy next Sunday to hand off the sash,” says last years Grand Marshal Michael Foran.

It’s a family that has a chairman and now grand marshal honoring their heritage nearly thirty years following in their father’s footsteps.

“He like to be out front and like I say he’ll get to be out front. He is involved in all kinds of Irish organizations this is just the greatest thing you can, you can be the number one Irishman for the day,” says the committee chairman.

The top Irishman has some new plans for this year though. A larger salute to law enforcement and the military is planned. As for other secrets, he’s making us wait.

“I’m going to have special aides designated and you’re going to have to wait for that one.”

The public investiture is next Sunday where he will announce his aides for the parade.

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