SSU Black Male Summit continues to grow

Annual gathering aims to keep young men on positive paths

(SAVANNAH) The Black Male Summit at Savannah State University draws hundreds of middle and high school students. The goal is to encourage young men from 7th to 12th grade to pursue positive paths in life, mainly through higher education. The summit is a single day event at SSU, but co-chair Johnny McDonald says there is follow-up with participants later in the school year to help keep the kids on track. “We go back into the schools, we follow up with the guidance counselors and the principals and say hey, how are these young men doing, that attended our program.” McDonald said.

Savannah High School Junior, Chris Mangum, says follow-up after the summit could be key to success. “Just in case I decide that I just want to give up…because i can’t do a certain thing, they can be there to tell me that, you, you got this…you can do it.” said Mangum, who adds that he was skeptical about attending, but now he’s glad he did. : “I am actually glad that I came here because I was thinking if I would have came I would have just been wasting time, but it’s actually helping me to stay on track, to hear that I’m not a failure.” Mangum said.

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