Porta Potty will help raise money for pets on St. Patrick’s Day

SAVANNAH, Ga – People from all over the world will fill Savannah’s streets for St. Patrick’s Day and they’ll spend a few bucks to use the restroom as well.

“We could raise anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500,” Cindy McManus, with Imagine Pet Rescue, said. “That’s how much use it will get.”

McManus is talking about the porta potty that’s been donated to them for the big day.

“Don Callahan Real Estate is renting a porta potty to place out during the St, Patrick’s Day Parade and all of the proceeds collected for people using the porta potty are going to be donated to Imagine Pet Rescue,” McManus said.

McManus has been through four of these celebrations and people renting a porta potty for the Irish holiday isn’t a new thing.

“There’s porta potties and people rent them and put them out for other people to use, because actually finding a place to go to the bathroom is extremely difficult on St. Paddy’s day,” McManus said.

That’s because business owners will not allow you to use their facilities.

“Public restaurants and stuff don’t allow people to come in use the bathrooms because obviously it would be insane.”

So, Imagine Pet Rescue will charge a minimum $1 donation for you to use their restroom because that $1 can go a long way.

“Can treat a dog that’s positive for heart worms or help us save another dog that may be injured,” McManus said. “We just saved one that was hit by a car that needed extensive sutures.”

And they’re not the only ones who do this.

“Some do it for donations,” McManus said. “I heard that the Girl Scouts did last year and raised $1,500 for a charity I believe and some do it just to make a profit.”

But for them it’s all to help one little guy or the next pet.

“It really allows us to save the medical needs dogs, which we focus on,” McManus said.

Imagine Pet Rescue will have a table and banner in front of their facility so it’s easy for you to select which facility you want to use.

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