Local Student Receives Congressional Award

Her name is Sophia Emmoth. She’s only a sophomore in high school (at St. Andrews) but she may end up making many adults feel like underachievers.

Friday, she was given the Congressional Award and presented with a bronze medal by 1st District Congressman Buddy Carter.

The award is quite an achievement. Emmoth had to excel in a number of areas, including physcial fitness. Part of that included an “expedition.” Her was to the mountains where she hiked 12 miles.

Another requirement is community service. Over the past year, she volunteered dozens of hours playing classical music on her flute to local senior citizens. She also volunteered at Senior Citizens, Inc., deliering meals to seniors and to those who have pets, she even delivered pet food.

“It’s about the medal,” Emmoth told us. “It’s honestly about the community service and the feeling you get when you see happy citizens of Savannah and they’re happy to hear you play the food and happy that you delivered pet food you know it’s about that feeling of happiness you get when you’re helping others.”

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