Jury Duty Scam is Back, don’t be Fooled

It’s back. The jury duty scam which it seems surfaces every few months is making a comeback. Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher is warning all County residents to be aware of the scam.

This time it’s for the “Grand Jury.” People are receiving phone calls and being told they have a “Failure to Appear Warrant” and or that they have failed to appear for Grand Jury summons.. The point of the call and the scam: you need to pay a cash bond or risk being arrested.

We’re told that those making the phone calls are instructing citizens to pay the bond amount at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office using the kiosk in the front lobby via a “Green dot Card.”

Officials say be aware that you may indeed receive a call from the Chatham County Courthouse about a jury summons. However, Chatham County Court services and the Sheriff’s Office will NEVER demand any payment type over the phone. The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office does not contact ANYONE by phone to process a payment for any fine.

The sheriff’s office indicates that past investigations have concluded that often these scams have originated from prisoners in the Georgia penal institutions. You are advised to pay attention and never provide any personal information or payment information to anyone over the phone.

If anyone believes that they have been a victim of this scam or has information regarding this illegal operation please contact the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Division at 912-652-7681.

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