Armstrong alumni work to preserve school name in GSU merger

SAVANNAH, Ga. – What’s in a name?

That question penned hundreds of years ago by William Shakespeare, now being asking by Armstrong State University alumni.

On Friday the Armstrong Alumni Association presented a letter to the Armstrong Foundation recommending that the name ‘Armstrong’ not be lost when the school merges formally with Georgia Southern University.

The decision to consolidate the two schools came in January by the Board of Regents.

Armstrong Alumni Association President Somi Benson-Jaja recommends keeping the name for the sake,he says, of the school’s legacy. The letter proposes naming the school, “Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus.”

“That name has been consistent. From Armstrong College to Armstrong State College to Armstrong Atlantic State University to Armstrong State University, one’s things been consistent through that time and that’s Armstrong,” Benson-Jaja said.

The letter also recommends keeping “Armstrong” on school banners, buildings and promotional material.

“The Armstrong Center is already named the Armstrong center so we think it should just stay the Armstrong center,” Benson-Jaja said.

The Armstrong Alumni Association hopes the letter will make it to the Board of Regents for final consideration.


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