Stolen War Medals Returned

For nearly 50 years, a California veteran didn’t talk about his time in the Vietnam War.  He also didn’t talk about the roughly two dozen medals he earned for his service.

But last week, he was forced to talk about it when thieves stole his medals during the Oroville Dam Evacuation.

After earning army medals in the late 60s, retired army air medic Mike Pomeroy went nearly a half century without talking about or showing them to anyone, including his wife of 31 years.

But after thieves stole his medals during the Oroville Dam evacuation, Pomeroys war time secret was thrust into the spotlight.  He had no choice but to reveal his past if he wanted any chance in recovering the medals.

With the medals gone, Pomeroy started talking about his service, his struggles and PTSD.  This sharing proved therapeutic.

Well just a few days later, all of the sharing paid off.  Police learned the thieves ditched the medals in the back of a pickup truck.

The owner of the pickup truck heard about the story and he alerted police he’d found the medals.

When the medals were returned to Pomeroy, his three grandsons were there watching.

The suspects in the case have been arrested.

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