Carver Village church to hold service of prayer after week of killings across Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It’s been a week of deadly violence in Savannah. Three people have been shot and killed since Thursday.
One of the victims was 17-year old Tristan Gray. He was killed Thursday along Pennsylvania Avenue on Savannah’s eastside.

He was an active member at the Temple of Glory Community Church. They plan to open their doors Monday for the community to pray and have a discussion about the continued killings and violence seen across Savannah.

“We all lose, even the folk that are pulling the triggers, you lose when you do this,” says church pastor Bishop Matthew Odum Sr.

Loss has come all to often for the members of Temple of Glory Church. That’s why Bishop Matthew Odum senior is asking his congregation and the community to come together.

“You want involvement and the best way to get involvement is for every parent to recognize you know that could have been my child.”

The church lost another child this week with Gray’s death. He’s the second member of their church killed in Savannah in in the last month or so.

“I want everyone else to be able to see, okay this is the result, there’s no joy from this detriments there’s no rejoicing to be had because someone thought it was okay to take a life,” says Matt Odum Jr.
This service isn’t for the church to mourn or focus on its losses, but a chance for the community to come in and talk about the continued killings. The Bishop wants to offer that service and, in turn, he hopes it can lead to education and learning how to connect with the community’s younger generation that is involved in a majority of these deaths.

“There’s that period where you’re trying to give rhyme a reason to why this happened, why that happened and I think that’s where it’s important that there be folk in position to offer encouragement and offer hope.”

The service of all day prayer begins at six in the morning at the temple located along Stiles Avenue. The church will hold a formal, collaborative prayer at six in the evening. The public is welcomed throughout the day.

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