Customers at recycling yard can now donate to foundation that helps disabled vets

GARDEN CITY, Ga (WSAV) – Recycling scrap metal at one local yard will now help a non-profit reach more disabled vets and neighbors. We’ve told you about Wish to Walk before, the foundation makes homes handicap accessible and donates wheelchairs.

You know the saying you never know how much your scraps are worth? For James Shaw at Wish to Walk they can be worth improving lives.

“It takes a little of the stress off to me to have to because I am finding out more and more that I cannot be in fifteen places at one time. If I need to deliver a wheelchair, I can’t deliver a load of metal, if I am delivering a load of metal I can’t be working on a ramp,” says Shaw.

Shaw has been salvaging scrap metal and donated metal for years as the main fundraiser tool for his non-profit. Jarrell’s recycling is the space he has sent recycled metals to for the last four years. Now they want to give every customer a chance to help.

“If it’s metal it has value there’s no point to throw it away, I figure they can donate to them and we’ll pay them for the value,” says Mike Jarrell.

The scrap yard will start giving recyclers an option to donate portions of their loads to the foundation, any amount, any recyclable metal.

“All businesses in the community should help in my opinion, any way we can help them like I said we’re in for it,” Jarrell adds.

The recycling center sees 150 to 200 loads of metal come through a day. For all the years Shaw has relied on the community to make Wish to Walk happen he sees this as an opportunity to expand and do more.

“Even if it’s just a dollar, donate because if a hundred and fifty people donate just a dollar, that’s a hundred and fifty dollars that’s coming through here that hey I can put towards another wheelchair or another ramp,” says Shaw.

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