Council Will Reconsider “Stage on Bay” Liquor License


Its a second chance for a Savannah concert venue.

“The Stage on Bay” will be back in front of Savannah City Council to make another request for a liquor license March 2.

The club was denied a liquor license at the last Council meeting after neighbors objected, saying there were too many alcohol; establishments in the area already.

Alderman John Hall made the motion Thursday, just one week after the city was threatened with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by the club’s owner.

“This Council cannot be obstinate,” said Hall. “Being obstinate a few years ago cost us millions.”

The owner and neighbors who live near the venue will both be able to address Council at their March 2nd meeting.


West Savannah — WSAV

Some people who live in one West Savannah neighborhood were opposed to The Stage on Bay music venue opening so close to their homes.

Thursday night, The Savannah City Council agreed the business was not a good fit and denied the business owner’s liquor license.  The owner, Charles Schmitt says he did everything to follow the rules when applying for the license including checking the zoning and ordering a traffic study.  But, still he was denied.  And he says the council gave him no legal reason for rejecting his license, so now, he’s planning to sue the city.

Schmitt says he put half a million dollars into opening the facility and now, he has nothing left.

“We’re financially decimated, it’s taken everything we have, there’s no more money,” says Charles Schmitt, CEO of The Stage on Bay.

“We don’t need any more crime in this community, and it’s gonna overflow, disturbing the seniors and everybody else in the community,” says Ronald Williams, President of the Neighborhood Association.

Councilman Van Johnson says Schmitt did not have a Certificate of Occupancy and also didn’t have legitimate parking.

The Marshall Tucker Band was supposed to perform at the venue, but the concert had to be moved to the Lucas Theater.



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