Prosecution Rests in Whitsett Murder Trial


Savannah — WSAV

After calling more than ten witnesses to the stand, the prosecution rested in the Whitsett Murder trial.  The Defense also rested without calling any witnesses to the stand.  The defendant, Kevin Palmer, told the judge he didn’t want to testify in his own defense.

The prosecution called several witnesses — including a drug agent for the Chatham Co. Sheriff’s Department, a handwriting expert, and an inmate.

Agent Johnson told the court he conducted a search of Kevin Palmer’s apartment. He says he found more than 600 grams of marijuana inside the apartment, and 900 dollars in a suitcase.  Agent Johnson says this amount was indicative of someone who would be a distributor.

In a video recorded police interview, Palmer told detectives a small amount of marijuana found inside the apartment was his – but he said most of it belonged to the victim, Whitsett.

“He was a big dealer, supplier man, he was a very big supplier,” said Palmer.

“Do you know how he was getting it?” asked Johnson

“Uh, definitely through the mail,” said Palmer.

An inmate, Ramon McCoy, also testified today for the prosecution.  He told the court he and Palmer were both inmates in Chatham County back in 2015.  He told the jury Palmer told him key information about the case.  It was information that McCoy later gave to the District Attorney.

“He said him and his girlfriend were gonna beat the case because no one knew what was going on, the whole thing about it was some marijuana, they were gonna rob the guy for some marijuana,” said Ramon McCoy, Inmate.

The Defense said McCoy made up the story to get out of jail.

The State also called a handwriting specialist to the stand Thursday.  He testified about the handwriting on a post-it note that was entered into evidence by the prosecution.  The specialist told the court he believed the defendant, Palmer, wrote the note, and not Whitsett, the victim.

The Defense told the court the handwriting study “wasn’t science.”

Closing arguments in the case begin Friday at 9 a.m.





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