Bulloch County tornado survivor shares experience with News 3


A tornado ripped its way through parts of Bulloch and Effingham County on Thursday morning, injuring seven people. Two of them are still in the hospital, according to Bulloch County Emergency Management.

Emergency management officials also told News 3 three homes were destroyed and one home was damaged.

News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to one of the homeowners who says he’s grateful he made it through the storm without a scratch.

As the sun rose over Old River Road South in Bulloch County, Bill Cannady caught a first glimpse of what was left of his home after the storm…and although the storm left a significant amount of damage behind—he said it all happened so fast!

“The first we knew about it, I felt rain hit me in the face and I knew something was wrong, then I heard the noise, too!”

The noise of a tree falling over the bedroom of his home.

“The tree on the other end of the house fell over our bedroom back there…but it didn’t breakthrough to the bed or anything..it just broke some of the ceiling…fell out…on our bed,” said Cannady.

But outside of the home is where he said the storm wreaked the most havoc. Trees of all sizes, snapped in half like twigs and uprooted from the ground, trailers ruined and metal pieces of Cannady’s shed spewed throughout his yard.

He told News 3 he’s been living in his home for 45 years and he hasn’t seen damage like this since Hurricane Matthew back in October 2016.

Even with quite the clean-up on his hands, he said he’s just glad that he’s still got his gas stove to do a little cookin’, and this loved one is okay.

“Physically, me and her are untouched…we’re doing good.”


We will continue to bring you the latest on storm recovery both on-air and online here at WSAV.com

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