Fugitive Files Roundup Ends with Suspect in Custody

Rufus Johnson, Jr

Fugitive Files Roundup gives you a live look at the way Investigators search for suspects and use tips from the community to find them.

News 3’s Andrew Davis was on the trail of suspects Thursday while members of the Chatham County Sheriff’s and Savannah-Chatham Crimestoppers took your calls, your tips, live on the air.

As the news was going on, sheriff’s deputies and the WSAV crew criss-crossed the County looking for criminals in violation of their probation or sex offenders wanted for failing to register.

Sheriff’s deputies search in various residences. Homes where their moms or grandmothers may live, anywhere that suspects feel is “safe” or someplace where they can hide.

While Sheriff’s and News 3 were unsuccessful catching a suspect live on the air, just after 6:30, the work didn’t stop.

On West 38th street, investigators found Mr Rufus Johnson, Jr. Johnson, a registered sex offender, wasn’t home, but when deputies questioned another man who lived there, found out he had just biked to a nearby store. So investigators waited unitil they saw a bike pass by.

“We were able to stick it out, wait around, and were able to catch him coming back from the store,” explained Cpl Edward Garvin of the CCSO. “After he tried to evade us down one of the side streets thinking we didn’t see him. We were able to get him after all.”

“Its exactly what we were talking about the public makes a difference. That guy just happened to live there, without his tip, this arrest wouldn’t have happened.”

“Absolutely,”explained Garvin. “If they said they hadn’t seen him in a week or two we would have gotten in our cars and drove right off. So its extremely important we get tips from the community. Without them in this instance we wouldn’t have gotten him.”

Rufus Johnson, Jr
Rufus Johnson, Jr

Its more proof that one phone call, just noticing something that doesn’t seem quite right, could lead Sheriff’s Police, anyone to a wanted and potentially dangerous suspect.

Take a look at the WSAV Fugitive Files page, and watch for a new suspect each week.

You can always make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers at (912)234-2020.

Remember that if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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