Friends helping Savannah woman with cancer fight

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)— We all know people who have survived breast cancer and some who didn’t.
Experiencing the journey with them brings understanding and inspiration.
Our Budd Check 3 report focuses on the crusade to celebrate the life of a champion.
Carter Luciani is that one friend you have that will go to the edge of
the earth to help you.
“When you’re around Leigh the strength that she exudes in my mind I liken to an angel.”
Diagnosed with two types of breast cancer in October 2015 Leigh Ryan a
mother of twins and Special Procedures Technologist won her fight in four
“if you didn’t love her before and knew her before you definitely loved her after.”
Christmas 2016 the cancer was back this time forcing brain surgery.
All trust was in the knowledge of doctors and surgeons at the Lewis
Cancer and Research Pavilion.
“They kept her with us you know for the time that we all got in 2016, and the monster reared its
ugly head again in 2017, and the physicians, the surgeons, the radiation oncologists have been
incredible.  ‘We want to take their knowledge their advice , their recommendations and pursue any trial, any country.”
Recently given 3 months to live Leigh won round 2 adding a precious year.
“You don’t let the good ones go.  And at the cancer crusader camp we are not letting her go without a fight.  She’s touched so many lives, explains Carter Luciani.
Her grace and determination to value life’s every second inspired
Carter to form Leigh’s Cancer Crusader Camp.
Friends stepping in like family to do things she’s not able to do on her own.
Now Carter’s looking for others to walk this path with her for her beloved friend.
“We can pursue treatment without barriers including clinical trials.
We don’t want anything to stand between this woman than seeing her babies graduate.  If a dollar, a dime or a hundred thousand dollars is what’s it’s gonna take that’s what I want to get her.”
Leigh just finished her last radiation treatment this week and was not feeling up to an interview.
You have a opportunity to meet this brave woman at a fundraiser.  Beat -The -Cancer Bash is February 11th at North Beach Grill on Tybee Island  from 2 p-m until close.

Find Leigh’s Go Fund Me page by clicking here.

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