Rescue pig in South Carolina may be responsible for burning down house

(WSAV) — A rescued pig might be to blame for a fire that destroyed the home of an animal control officer in South Carolina. Now the community is pitching in to help out the family.

As Jamie Turner the animal control officer rummages through what is left of her home she explains how she received custody of Fern the pig. “She was super sweet so we decided to keep her.” Turner said in tears.

How did the fire come about?

The previous weekend the Turner family received a call while they were out. ‘Your house is on fire’. This is alarming news for anyone to hear – by cell phone no less.

Authorities believe that Fern knocked her heat light down into her pin that was bedded with straw – this ignited the flames and spread.

The Turner family lost mostly everything including the family pets. Turner said that, “The pets were like furry family members, they can’t be replaced, it’s the first time in my life I don’t have a dog.”

The family lost everything including family pets

The Positive News

 The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has been in full support of the family getting back on their feet. The office has put the Turner family up in a hotel, started a GoFundMe account, and has created a donation drop-off location.

More information as it becomes available will be updated to the story.

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