Nestle is challenging the definition of sushi

"Chocolate Sushi" has been introduced in a bid to attract more shoppers to its premium KitKat store in Tokyo.

NBC News — The three-piece set includes what could be seen as tuna, sea urchin and omelette sushis but which are actually raspberry, mascarpone cheese, and pumpkin pudding KitKat atop sugar-coated puffed rice.

And,  like the savory version of sushi they are accompanied with wasabi. Nestle Japan’s manager said they’re a fun variation of the usual chocolate bars. The “sushi” KitKat, however, is not for sale. Customers who spend more than 26 dollars at the store until Valentine’s Day will be given a pack as a present.

Nestle’s Ginza KitKat Chocolatory, which opened Thursday is the brands’ ninth premium store in japan and 11th worldwide.

Japan has been a leading market for us in showing us how we can really bring to this consumer this very new unique experience, and KitKat chocolatory has proven that KitKat can be and is a premium brand that takes into the new trend of premierization.” — Sandra Martinez (Nestle Confectionary Business Manager)

Japan is also home to many exotic KitKat flavors including sake rice wine, baked potato and soy sauce.

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