Australian’s prime minister denies President Trump hung up on him

NBC News — Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is insisting that a deal struck with the Obama administration that would allow mostly Muslim refugees rejected by Australia to be resettled in the United States is still on, despite President Trump dubbing the agreement “dumb” and vowing to review it.

Turnbull also denied during an interview Thursday with Sydney radio station 2gb that President Trump had hung up on him, saying the conversation had ended “courteously.”

Conversation Details

Ben Fordham, Radio Host and Malcolm Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister

Fordham: “Were you rattled at all when the US President was giving you a spray?”

Turnbull: “Look, let me just run through the facts here. I had a call with President Trump on Sunday morning our time and the President committed to honor the refugee resettlement deal that had been made by his predecessor, Barack Obama on Wednesday morning our time the President’s spokesman Mr. Sean Spicer confirmed that the President had given that commitment, the arrangements would go forward and he did that in the white house briefing room. Today the

US embassy in Canberra stated President Trump’s decision to honor the refugee agreement has not changed and spokesman Spicer’s comments stand. This was confirmed to the State Department from the White House and onto this embassy at 1:15 Canberra time. Now as far as the call is concerned…”

Fordham: “Hang on, just so while you’re going along that timeline, you’ve seen twitter this afternoon?”

Turnbull: “I have indeed, yep. I have.”

Fordham: “Donald Trump says: ‘do you believe it? The Obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal’.”

Turnbull: “Well that’s his tweet. I’m telling you what has been said to us and what’s been said by his spokesman and what has been said by his embassy.”

Fordham: “It’s concerning that’s coming from the president himself though.”

Turnbull: “Well let me just go on. As far as the call is concerned, I’m very disappointed that there has been a leak of purported details of the call in Washington. But I want to make one observation about it. The report that the president hung up is not correct. The call ended courteously and as far as the nature of the discussion, it was very frank and forthright. I stand up for Australia’s interests. I make Australia’s case as powerfully and persuasively as I can, wherever I am.”



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