What you need to know to be a US Citizen and the changes possibly coming to a high school near you

(NBC News) Passing a US citizenship test may soon not only be required for becoming a US Citizen; but also a high school graduate.

Two Alabama lawmakers are pushing a bill which would require high school students passing a US citizenship test to get a diploma. It is unclear at this time if other states like Georgia will push for the citizenship test as well.

Sponsors point to recent polls showing a lack of basic government knowledge. The logic behind the citizenship test requirement for high school students is straight forward, in that, studying for the test will increase knowledge of basic government knowledge.

“We are working through our education system with students who will have a better understanding of their government that they live that they may want to participate in hopefully the rest of their lives.”

Need to Study for Your US Citizenship Test?

Civics Test Study Resource 

English Test Study Resource 

Students would need to only get a 60 on the exam and could take the test multiple times.

Learn the ins-and-outs of Naturalization 


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