The DOW and NASDAQ having their worst day of the year

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Wall street could start the day in the red, after stocks posted their worst day of the year on Monday, amid jitters over the impact President Trump’s immigration order could have on US companies.

Asia was mostly lower overnight, but Europe appears to be shaking off those concerns this morning.
Focus may turn today to more earnings, from the likes of Pfizer, ups and apple, and the start of the fed’s two-day policy meeting.

The DOW falling 122 points Monday to 19-971, the NASDAQ down 47 to 56-13.

Twitter will announce measures this week to crack down on harassment.
The company has been criticized for not doing enough to protect users from online abuse.
The measures could include fixed to mute and block people, and stop repeat offenders from creating new accounts.

Starbucks has unveiled voice ordering for the iPhone. It will be fully rolled out this summer.
The feature, part of the Starbucks app, doesn’t use siri, but its own digital barista that listens for orders.

You can order any food or drink from the menu — even something wild and complicated — and pay ahead of time.

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