South Carolina Senators have joined the effort to get a Clemson graduate back into the United States

Nazanin Zinouri was denied re-entry because of President Trump's travel ban; she'd been visiting her family in Iran.

(NBC News) Signs of support posted in the windows of Modjual– the tech company where Nazanin works. Tuesday Zinouri’s friends and other supporters met with Senator Lindsey Graham.

The meeting was short: The Senator just wanted some information and wanted the group to know he is listening to their concerns and is working on doing something about them.

Nazanin is a 2016 PhD graduate of Clemson who has lived and worked in the upstate for seven years.

Graham says, friends have told him that she was taken off a plane in Dubai and told it was a result of the order issued by President Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina
“If that’s the case, we’ve made a mistake. My goal is to protect America from terrorists coming into our country, not keep this young lady out. She’s a valid visa holder, she’s a Clemson University graduate, she is paying taxes and she is adding value to this business and she has a visa that would allow her to work here. She’s here lawfully, she’s smart, she’s intelligent, she adds value to our country and I’ll find a way to fix this problem.”

Jen Thorson– Nazanin’ s Friend and Boss
“I feel very encouraged. I really appreciate him making the trip and also outlying, putting out some plans that we’re going to work together on as far as trying to get her back and the documentation he needs to help her get home.”

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