Local man defends President Trump’s executive order

SAVANNAH, Ga. – After a weekend of protests across the country against President Trump’s executive order temporarily halting immigration and travel for millions around the world, one Savannah man feels like it’s his time to come forward in support.

“Why are we sending out money and help to other countries when we still haven’t helped our own” Hispanic Republican Angel Hernandez, 25, said.

The Savannah man whose great-grandparents immigrated from Mexico, says the president’s order is keeping with his promise of “Putting America First.”

“It’s sounds very selfish but I want to think about my security, my family’s security and the people that live here,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez believes in stricter background checks for the immigration program as a whole.

“Do it properly, don’t rush, don’t let everyone in a one time,” he said.

While he supports the tightening and temporary shut down of the refugee program, he says the order and its public relations team needs some work.

“There should be a little bit more of a restriction on allowing people in but at the same time I feel that the way it’s worded when people talk about it is discriminatory,” he said.

He said by changing the language to not be focused on what refers to as “the Muslim countries,” he thinks that there can be a more centralized focus on national security.

Hernandez says that he doesn’t plan on changing his mind about the order, but plans to keep a close eye on Washington in the months to come to see how the order plays out on a national and global scale.

The order halts the refugee program for 120 days and bars travelers from seven countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days. It also cuts the amount of refugees allowed into the country to 50,000.

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