Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he plans to discuss cyber-security during talks with President Donald Trump next month

Speaking at this year’s cybertech conference in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu warned that Iran was hijacking “critical infrastructure” in countries in and outside the region.

He said that without cooperation on cyber-security, the internet of things – a term used to describe the linking together with billions of electronic devices, household appliances, transport, and infrastructure – is in grave danger

“The internet of things (iot) can be hijacked by nefarious actors for dangerous purposes with dangerous results. Again what you see today is going to get a lot worst in the future if we don’t band together. That’s why I intend to raise the subject and discuss the subject of cooperation in cyber security in my upcoming visit in Washington with President Trump.”

Netanyahu will visit Washington DC on February 15th.

President Trump has signaled strong support for Israel.

on Sunday, Netanyahu said that the American Embassy in Israel should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, endorsing one of trump’s campaign promises.

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