Community joins forces to save Frank Callen building

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The future of the Frank Callen building in Savannah is still up in the air as community members met with the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club.

More than a dozen people made the plea to keep the building.

They realize it needs some improvements, but will only support the relocation if the building is not sold.

Officials say they want to sell the facility because of necessary repairs and the need for  more room to serve more kids.

However, community members say they hope another route can be found..
“You’re looking at a place where our kids have been nurtured and where these children will be in the future,” Detric Leggett, a club supporter, said. “You’re thinking about taking Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club from this facility right here and moving way out. You’re taking 100 years of history away from Savannah.”

Community members say they want to meet with the club board within the next seven days before any final decision is made.

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